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CATALOG REPRINTS (in German, unless specified otherwise)
MEMBERS enjoy a 10% discount on all publications.

R001 - Brenneke Export Catalog -Eight page reprint of a 1930’s pamphlet. English and German text. Limited supply. You will also receive issue No. 6 of Hatari Times Magazine with 7-page article on Brenneke. $10.00

R002 - H. Burgsmueller & Sons Catalog -soft cover reprint from the late 1920s, 129 pages of shotguns, combination guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers and accessories; covers the entire sales program of this gunmaker and mail-order house. $25.00
R003 - Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken -reprint of 1904 DWM catalog $26.00

R004 - German and Austrian Gunmakers’ Trade Catalogues -Pfingsten/Hoyem, 250 pp. Reprints and translations of catalogues from Schmidt & Haberman, Greifelt, Springer, Simson, Heym, Lorenz, Geco. German-English glossary. $60.00
R006 - J.P. Sauer Catalog -reprint of catalog from late 1920’s. Printed in English.$25.00

R007 - J.P. Sauer Catalog -reprint of catalog from 1907.$25.00
R008 - Schoverling, Daly & Gales Catalog 1907 -from purveyors of the Prussian Dalys. In English. $22.00

R009 - Sempert & Krieghoff -Catalog Nr.XXVII, about 1920. 80 pp , pictures of 32 different models which were all given their own names like Triff, Monaco, Lotos, Semper, Neptun, etc., prices in Marks. photos of the factory, accessories, special features, ammunition, schematics and testimonials. Also shows the Krieghoff semi-automatic rifle, two bolt action rifles and a falling block rifle.$20.00
R010 - Simson Catalog -Fifty-six page reprint of post WWI catalog. $22.00

R013 - F. Jaeger & Co. -trade mark "Herold", 32 pages cover all major Jaeger patents. $15.00
R014 - 1908 AKAH -Albrecht Kind Catalog reprint. $25.00

R015 - Steigleder catalog -undated. Patents, guns and accessories from other makers. 70pp. $20.00
R016 - Modern Guns -The Fred Adolph Catalog, 68 page reprint of Fred Adolph’s catalog circa 1920. Included are articles by E. Crossman and Townsend Whelen. This book is in English. $25.00

R017 - Brenneke catalog -34 pages. German text. Shows many Brenneke firearms models, ammunition and testimonials. $22.00
R018 - Gebrüder Merkel -Suhl pre-WW II catalog reprint, 64 pages, listing O&U Shotguns, Combination Guns, Drillings, Double Rifles, Single Shot Stalking Rifles, Model Numbers and Rifle Caliber List. In German, English and four other languages. $20.00

A001 - The Almanac of German Hunting Guns -a special edition Journal of GGCA that answers many questions about German guns, their makers, their identification, their use and their value. Includes a directory “Where can I find?”, a reference and address list. Printed in English.$20.00
R020 - Greifelt & Co. -Suhl, Trade Mark “Greif”, catalog reprint, 78 pages, in three languages including English, Showing many models and their numbers. $22.00

R021 - August Schüler -Suhl, catalog reprint, 32 pages, showing many models and their numbers, including the famous “Herkules” bolting system, in three languages including English. Prices hand written $22.00
R022 - Imman. Meffert -Suhl – Trade Mark Hubertus, catalog reprint, 39 pages in German showing various models and model numbers.$22.00

R023 - Eduard Kettner -Suhl and Köln – Nr. 30 catalog reprint in German, 46 pages, showing guns of their make and by others. $22.00
R024 - E. Schmidt & Habermann -Suhl, catalog reprint in three languages including English, 32 pages, showing various models with model numbers.$22.00

R025 - Remo – Gebrüder Rempt -Suhl, catalog reprint, 41 pages, in German, showing various models with their model designation. $22.00
R026 - Friedrich Wilhelm Heym Catalog -26 pages, from the 1920s, covering hammer and hammerless Shotguns, Drillings, Combination Guns, Schützenrifles and a Mauser Sporting Rifle, three pages with design drawings. $20.00

R027 - Schoverling, Daly & Gales 1912 catalog -soft cover pocket book size. 265 pp. Info on Prussian Daly and Sauer line. Much more. $25.00
R028 - NEW!! Franz Sodia-Ferlach -Reprint of 1914-1915 catalog. German text only. 80 pages. Journal-Verlag 2001. $24.00

R029 - NEW!! Original Mauser Catalog - 1937 Reprint with technical information, photos and illustrations. $22.00
R030 - Walther-waffen Catalog - (Currently out-of-print!) -Reprint of 1934 walther pistols and some long guns. $20.00

R031 - NEW!! Christoph Funk: Modern Drillinge Catalogue - Reprint. German language text. 27 pages, part from original catalogue No. 70 and additional pages showing advertising materials showing other models offered by the company. $22.00
R032 - NEW!! Realizing Your Dream - A publication of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild Brought out to assist those among you who dream of a custom built rifle but do not quite know how to make it a reality. Well written articles, schematics and check lists guide you through the process. $20.00

R033 – Abesser and Merkel - Reprint, 20 page pamphlet in English, with three additional document pages. The pages of this catalog will be reproduced as separate sheets, held together by a plastic spine and will include the copy of a factory letter and several color photos of these two Drillings. $20.00

BOOKS (in English, unless specified otherwise)
MEMBERS enjoy a 10% discount on all publications.

B049 - Alte Scheibenwaffen, Vol. I -Old German Target Arms, Jesse Thompson, et. al, comprehensive treatment of historic German target rifles and Scheutzenfest traditions. 388 pp $98.00

B050 - Austrian & German Guns and Rifles -Marco E. Nobili. 303 pp hard bound over-view of German and Austrian arms, well illustrated. In English and Italian. $100.00
B052 - Dictionary of Gun Terminology -to English and English to German dictionary. $30.00

OUT OF PRINT- No longer available.
This book may be found elsewhere used.
B057 - Systeme Lefaucheux -Chris Curtis 312 pp. $45.00

B060 - Mauser Bolt Rifles -Ludwig Olsen Hardbound. 372 pp. Comprehensive compilation of data. Hundreds of photos, charts, etc. Extensive bibliography. $60.00
B061 - Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles -Speed, Schmid, and Reiner $90.00

B062 - Mauser Smallbores, Sporting Target and Training Rifles -Speed $68.00
B064 - Frank A. Pachmayr -Master Gunsmith, John Lachuk. Safari Press. Biography of Frank Pachmayr and the history of his firm spanning over 50 years of developing and marketing firearm accessories as well as custom arms. $50.00

B065 - J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Vol. II -Cate and Krause. Hard bound, 440 page continuation of research on the pistols (no long guns) of famous gun maker. Many illustrations and copies of original documents. $69.00
B066 - Notes on the Proof of Shotguns and Other Small Arms, 5th edition -Issued by the Brittish Proof Authorities. The history of European proof marks. Reference for German, British and Continental proof marks in print. Drawings of government proof marks are included.

B067 - Suhl-The Town of Gunmaking -Informative color booklet published by the Suhl city government. Includes a listing of today’s gunmakers. Currently Unavailable.
B068 - Suhler Luxusgewehre -Peter Arfmann. This book shows over 90 of the finest guns made in Suhl, Germany since the end of WW II. There are several views of each gun and they are described in German and English. This is a valuable addition to the library of those who love German guns, especially the owners of Merkel guns. $70.00

Waffen Lexicon- OUT OF PRINT-No longer available.
This book may be found elsewhere used.
B071 - Fine European Gunmakers -Nobili, 347 photos of the finest guns made by 17 European makers. $85.00

B073 - Silk and Steel: Women at Arms -R. L. Wilson. 318 pp. Hardcover Copious colored photos and text covering every aspect of women and firearms. Random House, New York. 2003. $65.00
B074 - Alte Scheibenwaffen, Vol. 2 -Old German Target Arms, Jesse Thompson,, continuation and completion of Vol.1 description of action types. Also kleinkaliber rifles . Comprehensive makers’ directory and more. 422 pp $98.00

B075 - Walther: A German Legend -The 115 year history of the Walther family and their company and complete listing of Walther pistols and long guns. $85.00
B076 - Two Shots: Multi-Barrel Long Gun Patents and their Inventors -Larry B. Schuknecht. Self published 2003. 105 pp. text, 25 pp. illustrations. (Temporarily out of print). $25.00

B077 - Argentine Mauser Rifles: 1871-1995 -Colin Webster, 2003, 296 pp. Covers every imaginable topic about the various models, bayonets, tools and contracts for their purchase. Many photos. $80.00
Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers
OUT OF PRINT- No longer available.
This book may be found elsewhere used.

B080 - J. P. Sauer & Son, the story of the oldest weapons factory in Germany -The Suhl Era, the Eckernfoerde Era by Peter Arfmann and Rolf Kallmeyer. Hardbound, 184 pp. $70.00
B081 - Alte Scheibenwaffen, vol.3 -Old German Target Arms. Hamilton and Rowe. See items B049 and B074. Copious photographs. $98.00

B082 - The American Percussion Schuetzen Rifle -Hamilton and Rowe. $98.00
B083 - Custom Gunmakers of the 20th Century -Michael Petrov. 168 pp hardbound, copious black and white photos of guns, people, shops. Info on German-American gunsmiths $25.00

B085 - Gunning Adventures in Germany: Reflections of an American Soldier-Hunter -Major General (Ind.Ret.) James L. McCoskey. 2005. hard bound, 288 pp, 46 photos. $35.00
B086 - NEW!! Steinschloss-Jägerbüchsen (Flintlock Jaeger Rifles) -(In German) Erhard Wolf, 2006. 576 pp hardbound with hardcover sleeve. Outstanding color photos of Flintlocks. 144 pages of history and makers $145.00

B087 - NEW!! Buxton's Guide to Foreign Firearms -1995, Cape Outfitters. 288 pp. paperback. Contains information from 58 companies in 16 different countries.$22.00
B088 - NEW!! 331 Essential Tips and Trick: A How-To Guide For The Gun CollectorStuart C. Mowbray. Mowbray Publishing. 2006 This full-color guide, printed on heavy paper, offers advice on almost every imaginable issue facing gun collectors. $35.00

B089 - NEW!! German Gew. 88 “Commission” Rifle A Collectors Guide by Paul S. Scarlata Although the Mauser 98 that displaced this model became much more popular and well known, quite a few sporting rifles were built on this action. This book will give you detailed information about the action and the military rifles with this action $30.00
B090 - NEW!! Mauser Archive - An Exciting new book by Jon Speed, Published by Collector Grade Publishers, 2007. 576 pages, 870 Illustrations. The Ultimate "chairside" book! A treasure trove for all those interested in arms history, the products and operations of the famous Mauser-Werke of Oberndorf, Germany. $90.00

B091 - NEW!! The Drilling: History, Use, and Technology of a Universal Hunting Weapon. Norbert Klups (Translated by Dr. Edward Force, Central Connecticut State). Schiffer Military History, Atglen, PA (2007). 230 pgs. color photos. hc, dj. This book offers English-language readers translations of the writings of Norbert Klups, a well-known German arms authority, analyzing the Drilling as a sporting weapon. Nothing comparable to this collection exists anywhere else in the English language. $50.00
B092 - NEW! The Double Barrel - by Norbert Klups, 272 beautiful photos, Schiffer Publications This book presents the double-barreled gun in clear informative text that will captivate a hunter's attention and inspire the sport. $40.00

B093 - NEW!! Simson-Lugers– The Weimar Years - By Edward B. Tinker & Graham K. Johnson; hard cover, excellent research study on Simson Lugers in full color, over 200 pages. $70.00
B094 - NEW!! Mauser Pistolen - , Schmid & Weaver, Collector Grade Pubs., 368 Pages, 461 illustrations, Deluxe 1st edition 2008. This book presents a comprehensive chronology of handgun development and production at the famous armsmakers Mauser-Werke of Oberndorf, Germany, from 1877 through the end of the French occupation period which followed WWII. $70.00

B095 - NEW!! J.P. Sauer - Waffenstadt- By Jim Cate. Hard cover, Dust jacket, 333 pages, tons of color photos. This is the third book about Sauer guns made before 1946. $99.00

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