B061-Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles

B061-Mauser: Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles--$90.00

by Jon Speed, Walter Schmid and Reiner Herrman. 508 pages, 983 illustrations, 114 in color.

The Mauser Works of Oberndorf, Germany was not only the source of the finest rifle action ever designed, but the creator and source of innumerable sporting rifle designs and model concepts that continue to influence the best of the custom gunmakers today. Indeed, original Oberndorf sporters are considered by many to be the finest factory sporting rifles ever produced and ever likely to be produced. Less than 127.000 Model '98 sporting rifles, actions and barreled actions were ever made by Mauser spanning a period beginning in 1898 and, incredible as it may seem, continuing throughout World War II. Equally incredible is that the files, blueprints, engineering records, photographs, contracts and correspondence of the Mauser Sporting Rifle Department were thought to have been thoroughly destroyed until Jon Speed, an American collector, discovered in the 1990s that Walter Schmid, an architect in Oberndorf, had preserved them all in his basement archives.

This new and thoroughly original book covers in highly graphic detail the history of the Mauser Works; the evolution of the Model '98; the numerous variations of sporting rifles produced by Mauser as well as by the best of the Continental, British and American trade both yesterday and today; and Mauser chambered cartridges and ballistics. It presents the only accurate reference of serial numbers and dates of production, and even the blueprints of the ultra-modern Mauser sporting rifle that would have succeeded the Model '98 had the factory not been destroyed by the Allies.

Based on the "lost" records of the Mauser Works, this will be the definitive book on sporting Mausers and is highly recommended for not only its fresh information, but for its readability and stunning photographic content. Author Jon Speed has also just informed us that he has completed a definitive and original work on the Mauser .22s that will be published later this year by Collector Grade Publications. For collectors and students of German sporting firearms, we highly recommend these books as the best of their kind.