R031-Christoph Funk: Modern Drillinge Catalogue

R031-Christoph Funk: Modern Drillinge Catalogue - $22.00

Reprint. German language text. 27 pages, part from original catalogue No. 70 and additional pages showing advertising materials showing other models offered by the company.

This catalogue focuses on various models of drillings offered by Funk, both hammerless and with hammers. The models differ significantly in terms of locking mechanisms, safety designs, among others. The text, if translated into English, would be an important introduction to the mechanical details of drilling systems. This reviewer was fortunate to discover a catalogue description of an underlevver, hammer drilling in his collection marked “Funk” only on the standing breech.

A rarely seen configuration is catalogued as a side-by-side shotgun with a .22 rim fire barrel nestled in the lower barrel rib joining the shot barrels. This model wears the title of “Jagdkonig.” In Germany a gun like this is called Schienendrilling, translated rib Drilling, because the small bore rifle barrel is located in the rib.

Some of the additional advertising pictures the “Jubilee Drilling,” celebrating 100 years of Funk company history. This might lead us to conclude that the catalogue itself dates from around 1935. Another advertised model claims attention because of its lightweight, using special steel that can compete with the Dural (aluminum alloy) receivers featured in a competitor’s (Meffert) popular model. The last page offers ballistic data for all rifle calibers available in Funk drillings. Any student of drilling design should own this publication.