I was at this gun show last Saturday. It was small and not very well attended. I was surprised to see two nice Germanic guns for sale. One was a like new Heyem stutzen in 30/06 for $2100Can and the other was an old zimmerstutzen complete with rear optic for $1600Can.

My wife urged me to go back on Sunday to pick up the Heyem but I'm in the process of reducing my inventory of Safe Queens. Yesterday the Win. mod 70 in 270 went. My very first gun that was used in the late 70's in Alberta to harvest my first Moose and my only Elk. With it went 150 loaded rounds of Hornady 140 grain SSTs. Last year I sold two 12 gauge pump guns to a German friend of mine who comes every year for holidays here. What I found interesting was that he took one of the guns back to Germany and it's now getting proofed at one of the proof facilities.

This same German friend brought over a complete Soviet military officers uniform for another friend who organizes SKS shoots at his club. The organizer wore this uniform at one of the shoots while the German friend taught them the commands used in the Russian language. This is what you get from a guy who grew up in East Germany behind the wall.