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Thread: German (?) Stalking Rifle Identification, proof marks and help

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    I would caution you about mixing these up and the need for a very careful chamber cast that includes the rim area. The 32 Win has the shoulder at 1.554" from the base while the 8x57R 360 shoulder is 1.890" from the base. The other dimensions are close enough that the 32 Win might go in but being stopped by the rim it would have an excess of shoulder space. Plus and I am no expert on this the .318" bore you report I believe is an old JRS bore size. I would either try to make another cast and pick off the shoulder positions or get a dummy 8x57R and try it first. Others with more knowledge could confirm or deny this possibility.

    Thanks, Diz

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    You may be able to use .318 bullets once you verify the case

    I will have to double check, but I swore I had some .320 lead balls. My grandfather and great uncle used to shoot a form of schuetzen (sp) for muzzle loaders, maybe it was a custom they made.

    Looking for Mauser tools and catalogs.

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