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Thread: Dreyse Faucet Breec Rifle - Info WTD

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    Dreyse Faucet Breec Rifle - Info WTD

    Dreyse Needle - Fire Faucet Breech Rifle - Info WTD

    I just picked up another unique collectable and I'd like to know if anyone has any info. I found an article on the net titled "The Dreyse Faucet Breec Rifle" by Larry B. Schuknecht, but would like any additional info that might be found on these.

    I'm anxious to try shooting it.

    Here are some pictures ... As you can see, condition is very, very good. Mechanically its 100%.

    Only markings are the caliber, the load, serial number(s), a unknown Gothic Letter on the left side just ahead of the Faucet, and a few inspection letters,i.e., "R" "6" (or 9). And, as the last photo shows, a scaled sketch on the bottom of the barrel that shows the firing needle in case a new one has to be made.

    Your comments are welcome.

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    Larry is one of our members, you can find his address in the Trade Directory of WAIDMANNSHEIL.

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