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Thread: Belated Greetings

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    Belated Greetings

    After one post a while back, I realized I had not stopped by to say hello upon joining this site. I currently own three German guns, all SxS. I have a 12ga J.P.Sauer Sidelock proofed circa 1899, a Sauer Daly 16ga boxlock proofed circa 1904, plus a Miller & Val. Greiss 16ga boxlock dating back to the WWI era from what I can tell.

    My favorite is the Miller & Val Greiss which was purchased as a 'Krupp'/guild non-ejector gun, but arrived with ejectors and bearing the Miller & Val. Greiss name on the top rib. And yes, it was the gun advertised The dealer was not very attentive to the small lettering on the top rib or to the extractors, which in all fairness were bonded together with oil and powder residue and moved as one.

    I'm sure I'll have questions in the future, looking forward to adding to my meager knowledge of German guns.

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    Welcome Steve!! Look forward to your posts.

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