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Thread: Proof marks on an old Sauer SxS

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    Proof marks on an old Sauer SxS

    From what I can tell, the gun was built circa 1906 and that's relying on the serial number 136587. The breech end of the barrel flats have the usual Crown over U, W marks. However on the upper end of the flats, and separated from the other proof marks, there is a Crown over N, and also the following:

    2,8g Sch. P

    32 gBl

    Any opinions if this could be a reproof?

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    As there is no crown/R mark, it is not a reproof. The crown/N indicates it was proofed for a sevice load of 2.8 gramm = 43,2 gr Schulze Powder, an early smokeless shot gun powder, and 32 gramm Blei = lead = shot. This service load marking was used until 1912. On long guns the crown/ Nitro mark was sometimes applied from 1895 on. Sauer & Sohn serial numbers are not reliable to date the completion or proof of a gun. S&S, for the sake of their own bookkeeping, applied their serial numbers at the start of making. As they made guns in Batches, an already numbered gun in the White would sometimes sit in their inventory for years. Only when an order for such a gun came in, it was pulled out of the inventory, proofed, stocked and finished according to the order.

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    That is absolutely correct Axel! It is interesting to me that most collectors of German pistols agree the Crown N first appeared in 1912 regardless of the caliber. This seems to be true with Walther, DWM, Sauer and other companies. Have a good New Year! Jim

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