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Thread: In search of direction new to german rifles

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    In search of direction new to german rifles

    I am in possession of a German drilling rifle it is a 12 gauge and 8X57 it is in very nice shape I just do not have much info on it at all, I only know that the guy shipped it over in 3 shipments to get it here, I have tried to do some research on the marks but still do not have a lot of info I think it was made by Bartholmos Emil in 9 of 1923 but not sure I would appreciate any help on this one, thank you in advancegerman rifle.jpggerman rifle 2.jpggerman rifle 3.jpggerman rifle 4.jpggerman rifle 5.jpg

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    The drilling was proofed in 9.23 = September 1923 as gun number 329 of that month. At that time not only the Zella –Mehlis proofhouse used such ledger numbers, but Suhl too sometimes. Not shown in your photos: If the inscription "Nitro" on the shot tubes is in straight letters it is Suhl, if in script, it's Zella – Mehlis. Assuming Zella –Mehlis: What makes you think the gun was made by Emil Barthelmes, Meininger Str.11, Zella – Mehlis? From 1913 on that company was owned by a Max Metzner. I don't see the Emil Barthelmes mark, E and B back to back, in your photos. The AW mark rather points to Albin Wahl, 1862 – 1950, Grosse Bahnhofstrasse 5, Zella – Mehlis. But Wahl may have supplied the barrels only. Is the rifle barrel chambered for the 8x57IR, rim .526", base .470", or the 8x57R360, rim .485", base .427"? The proofmarks apply to both chamberings, as does the service load,StMG / 12,7gr = steel jacket bullet / 196 gr.

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    Axel's caution concerning the nominal caliber of your rifle is very real. You can determine which you have, without precise measuring instruments. The 8x57IR has a head diameter near 30-06/270/308/243 class of cartridges. If one of these cartridges fits, backward, into the chamber, then it is 8x57IR. If one of these will not fit, but a 30-30/32 Win.Spec. will pretty closely fit the chamber(30-30Rim may be slightly large), then it is 8x57R/360. Both cartridges are very interesting, and both are easily reloadable, once you have the components. BTW, your shotgun barrels will be chambered for shells shorter than the current standard( 2 5/8" vs 2 3/4"), different people handle this in different ways. I believe one of the companies that advertise in the Trade Directory, can provide proper length shells. In my considered opinion you have a nice drilling that you and your heirs can enjoy for years to come.
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