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Thread: Oberspree Kornbusch ??

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    Oberspree Kornbusch ??

    I have stumbled upon an action labelled Gew, 1917, Oberspree Kornbusch. I am not familiar with the Manufacturer and found very little info.

    I would appreciate any comments on scarcity, desirability, possible value etc. Thank you in advance for any input. All take care --- John

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    Oberspree Kornbusch was a subsidiary of DWM in the latter years of the First World War, and produced Gew.98 rifles for the German armed forces. Their production was not large, and a complete and matching rifle would be worth somewhat more than a similar one by one of the larger producers.

    As for an action alone, I would think that its value would be about the same as any other similar Gew.98 action, possibly a little more for the markings. If all (or even some of) the parts present on the action are original to it they would have interest to a collector seeking to upgrade mismatched parts on a Kornbusch. A mismatched Kornbusch floorplate, for example, would be more attractive to many collectors than a mismatched part lacking Kornbusch-associated inspectors' marks. Dan

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