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Thread: Help with Merkel 200E with Ivory Inlay

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    Help with Merkel 200E with Ivory Inlay

    Good Day! I am a collector here in Connecticut and I have come across a very nice 1957 Merkel 200E 12ga O/U with Ivory Inlay which I purchased. I was doing initial research and came across this forum.

    I was hoping any of you could share any information you all have on the commonality of ivory inlay Merkels, and any sources to confirm if this was a factory special order. It is similar to other Merkels in the Luxus catalog and I want to document the gun.

    Dan Ryan






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    What I can share with you is WOW. This work reminds me more of quality scrimshaw than anything else. I have never seen such work on a German(or other) gun, although other types ivory inlays are seen. If it were not for the edlewiess(?) and oak leaf motifs, I would even think it was the work of an American artist. Without factory "papers", I don't know if you will ever know if it is a factory special order. One thing is for sure, it a special order from a highly talented artist. In my opinion, you should appreciate it for itself, regardless of where it came from.

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