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Thread: Russian articles about producing hunting weapons before and after WW 2.

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    Russian articles about producing hunting weapons before and after WW 2.

    I am posting interesting articles ( IMHO) from one Russian author and gun history researcher. You can translate by internet interpreter.

    Regards Marat

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    Wow that is a lot of information, it took most of the afternoon to just scroll through it. Fortunately some of it is in English( some English versions duplicated in Russian). As I have written here before, my experience with "machine translations" has been very poor in translating from German and Spanish to English. I expect it would be even worse from Russian to English. Is there any chance that the rest of the articles have been translated into English, by a person that understands the subject matter? It seems that there is a lot of information, included, that is not easily available to us from other sources.

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    Hello, colleagues. This is my site and my articles. The translation into English made by a professional who knows the subject of hunting guns well. But he doesn`t work for free unfortunately. You can understand the meaning of other articles with Google Translator. To track a new information, you can use and

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    Very interesting article at least to me. Especially the parts about early steels and Damascus barrels. I was very surprised to read that the twist steel laminated barrels were stronger than the fine Damascus when tested at the British proof house. This information will prompt further investigation as I shoot many old guns. Thanks very much, Diz

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