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Thread: Confused by markings.

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    Confused by markings.

    Hello GGCA members;
    I'm a new member and this is my first post.
    I bought a single shot stalking rifle at Baltimore last month. It was made by Greifelt & Co. Suhl in 8.15 x46R. It is marked "DIANA” on the left side of the breach. It came with a few cartridges, and it shoots wonderfully.
    My question is when the forearm is removed the barrel has all kinds of marks, most of which I can understand, except one. There is a mark "7,7 m/m” Dose the mean that this rifle has been recut and altered to 8.15 x 46R?
    Alan Hoeweler, Cincinnati,Ohio

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    Hello, Alan, and welcome to German practice when your gun was proofed was to stamp the bore diameter rather than the groove diameter.

    Also, you should post under "General Discussion" and someone will come along right away to answer your query. We also like to see pics of member's guns. Share your good fortune.

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    Sorry, I didn't notice your post and thanks to Peter for calling our attention to it. Peter is correct that the mark you questioned is the groove diameter, there should also be a 46, under or near it. There are a variety of markings found on different 8.15x46R rifles. They are also found with 7.6mm bore diameters. This is why the hunting ammo was usually loaded with 151gr "Express" type bullets that can be used in different diameter barrels, without creating excess pressure.

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    Alan, welcome to the forum. If you can post some pictures in the General discussions especially clear, close picture of all the marks, there are experts here that can tell you a lot about your rifle. I have been trying to get to that show for years. I hear it is unbelievable. Looking forward to seeing your new toy. Regards, Diz

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