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Thread: R Stahl Stalking Rifle

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    It was even easier to use my Milwaukee Porta-Band and angle grinder to rough it out before taking to it with a file... It was something I wanted to try to do....and it works quite well even with me having made it. I wouldn't call it pretty even by Neanderthal standards but it works...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharps4590 View Post
    And you'll get to make your own double ended, open end wrench for adjustments....unless you can find one. I didn't even try and just filed out a wrench.
    Clock winding keys are available in the correct sizes for adjusting these square drive sight adjustments, and are quite inexpensive. Be advised, however, that the outer diameter of the keys often must be filed or milled down for use in some applications.


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    Simpson Ltd. has a rifle, similar to yours, with both sights installed , and the key. The rifle is in the newly arrived list( but has been sold) and you might take a look at it, to see what the typical sights would look like.

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