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Thread: Timner Forearm Checkering Pattern

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    Timner Forearm Checkering Pattern

    I am reconditioning a Timner 16-gauge doublegun. The forearm wood was missing the tip and all checkering was worn off when I purchased the gun, along with other challenges. I would appreciate any pictures of Timner forearms, or references to publications with pictures, which would help me to determine and recreate the original checkering pattern and craft a new forearm tip. Attached is a picture of the forearm wood, as refinished, as well as a picture of the barrels, which may be useful in determining the model. Thanks, Steve Wesbrook 703-625-4830
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    I live near Quakertown, Pennsylvania

    I searched around and found pictures of several Timner shotguns and drillings but none had enough detail to enlarge and see the checking clearly. I am assuming your gun is an underlever by the inletting in the fore end. There are picture of these out there as I said but good enough. I am sure someone has more info on this forum.

    However, I did run across a four barrel version and thought I would post the picture for everyone to see. Double rifle and shotgun barrels. What a splendid firearm.

    four barrel timner V.jpg

    Thanks, Diz

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    Steve W.,
    For the forearm tip, I suggest you just follow the inlet in the wood, using either buffalo horn or ebony( nothing light colored). For the checkering, just use the style as on the pistol grip, and as close to the same pitch as you can get. German stockmakers, in the period, typically made their own tools, and no currently available commercial cutters are likely the same.

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