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Thread: Need a stock for my 9.3x62 Otto Bock.

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    Need a stock for my 9.3x62 Otto Bock.

    I found a really nice barreled action 9.3x62 otto bock that I really need a stock for.

    I was thinking of picking up a Oberndorf model B stock and trying to make that work, should that do the trick or should I go another route? Thank you.

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    This is a Mauser B stock:

    Finding a stray one will be near impossible.
    Otto Bock, Berlin, had his rifles put together by the Suhl guntrade, as did his competitor Foerster, Berlin. So a Bock stock was more likely like this one on a pre-WW1 Foerster 9.3x62:

    If I were in the USA, I would take a close look at the various styles offered by Walnut Grove Gunstocks,

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    Beautiful rifles, Axel!

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    With out knowing exactly what you are trying to do and what you are willing to spend, I offer the following. Simpson Ltd. has imported a lot of 9.3x62s( also 9.3x57s), many based on Mod 98s, and most Huskeys. Many of these have been restocked to suite American tastes leaving a perfectly good stock left over. you might be able to find one of these stocks from a local gunsmith. I used one of these with a barrel that was given to me along with a WW2 military Sauer action to cobble together the 9.3x62 that I shot my buck with last year. You might have to adjust the inletting at the magazine( I just changed mine to a 1909 Argentine).

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