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Thread: Need to identify 16 Gauge Drilling

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    I have a couple questions about the chamber cast, the one you're calling the cartridge. If possible can you get the rim diameter and confirm whether or not where you say it reduces is the beginning of a shoulder or if the rifling starts immediately at that point? If possible it would be helpful to include the overall length including the rim.

    I couldn't find a close match either and it's possible no one will. There was a lot of proprietary stuff going on at that time and a lot of them are not listed.....anywhere. All that means is you can call the cartridge the "11mm Kerber" if you want. Main thing is you can make brass for it.

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    What Sharps is asking could be the key as I have beat all my references and there isn't anything I have listed that works. If the base diameter fits the bullet doesn't and if the bullet fits the base doesn't. The length doesn't match up very well either. Could you be looking at a shoulder and not the end of the chamber? Try a longer casting and many more measurements and maybe something will match. Also, are the number of grooves even or odd? That has an effect on measuring. Thanks, Diz

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    Thank you very much. I now know a lot more about the gun. There are 8 groves.

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