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Thread: Need help idenifying year and manufacturer of my 8 MM mauser.

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    Need help idenifying year and manufacturer of my 8 MM mauser.

    I bought a mouser in the early 80s'. I restocked it, had the bolt turned down, and drilled for scope. After reading a book on Mausers and their markings recently I am curios as to when and where mine was made. Unfortunately mine doesn't seem the have the markings that I can determine when and where made. I'm hoping someone can help me. I tried taking pictures but couldn't get good detail so wrote information down as to what numbers/letters and where on barrel/receiver. They are as follows;

    A. front of rear sight; 49 on lt. side, 4 on rt. side

    lt. side of rear sight; 8MM

    B. barrel markings just forward of receiver; lt. side 90186P

    ;starting on rt. side and going under barrel aft of rear sight, (top row) P 0 (5 or S)HZ KCA (large letters)

    ;starting on rt. side and going under barrel forward of receiver, 132 (Large letters) (I or J)ZZ (small letters)
    Plus some proof markings
    C. Receiver; upper lt. side 4704

    lower lt side under above #s 90186P with x's over each

    under them are proof marks

    on lt. side of forward receiver lug area, looks like lower 2/3's of an 8

    on rt. side of forward receiver lug area 1104 in small #'s

    D. Trigger; lt. side #15, underside where trigger mounts to receiver #21

    F. Various proof marks though-out

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    Under the best of circumstances we couldn't help you without photos of the rifle, including markings, especially actual proof marks. Reading between the lines of your post, it seems you have a military rifle, of some make, that was sporterized in the US, where there are no proof houses. We can glean much information from normal civilian proof marks, however it seems your rifle has no such marks. The confusing marks on the bottom of your barrel and action were likely placed there by the maker, the workers, one or more different governments, and maybe an importer. Military actions generally have a jumble of numbers and letters to identify the particular workman with a particular operation, located on the bottom of the receiver. There is no legend showing the meaning of these marks, for even one of the factories , much less tying all the factories together. This class of markings was for quality control to allow assessment of responsibility for improper work. Military actions generally had on the receiver ring, a crest or other mark to indicate by or for whom the rifle was made, and if this was a German organization it would usually show the date of manufacture. Many of these rifles were sold to and reissued by one or more country. During the course of this, very many rifles had the identifying ( including serial numbers) and dating marks removed and a new serial number added. If you post photos, we will determine if any useful information still exists on the rifle, but otherwise I'm afraid we won't be able to give you much help.

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