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Thread: want to buy bockdrilling

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    want to buy bockdrilling

    I would like to buy a Bockdrilling...ideally, a 16 or 20 gauge over a .30-30 Winchester with a .22 rimfire on the side. A 9.3x72r or 7x57r on the bottom would be okay. I don't care who made it, or the brand, so long as it is "nitro proofed". The mechanical condition, cosmetics etc. do not matter so long as the price is right for its condition and all the bores are good. If you have, or know of one for sale, please let me know. Sincerely & Thanks, Rick Adamson

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    Your caliber choices are good, but think about a normal drilling with einstecklauf (EL) instead of bockdrilling(unless you just want an example of one). With an EL, you can adjust the point of impact of the rimfire to the sights,after you adjust the sights to the large rifle.

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    I already have a normal drilling...I just want an example of a Bockdrilling. I would probably actually use the Bockdrilling more than I use my "normal" drilling anyhow. Thanks, Rick

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