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Thread: Travel to Germany in October 2013

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    Travel to Germany in October 2013

    We are working on a trip for October 2013. The plan, so far, is an organized trip with transportation and lodgings arranged to Ferlach, Steyr, Vienna, and possibly Prague. I am discussing this with a travel agent. I believe this trip will also have an 'unorganized' part that will include Munich, Suhl, and Leipzig. Of course, we can help with the 'unorganized' part as well.

    The organized part would require an upfront commitment and a minimum number of participants in order to arrange for a van or bus. This has always been the most difficult and if we can't get firm responses, we might have to either cancel or proceed as we have the last few years where everyone has been responsible for arranging their own lodgings and transportation.

    This is a good time of year to travel, usually, as the weather can be fine and prices a bit lower. If you are more than casually interested, shoot me an email at so that I can tell the agent what to expect.

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    Hello Gentleman,
    I am joining in Suhl, if the days in October does not came across with hunting. Are there any possibilities for choosing a date in August instead?

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