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Thread: How to register for the forum

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    How to register for the forum

    To register for the forum, read the yellow banner on the main page, then send us a user name and a password to

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    Hello All:

    My father has a German SXS that someone pawned to him in 1978. We have kept it in a closet in a silicone gun sock with our other guns. As my son has grown old enough to hunt/ shoot , he has taken a real interest in such things. in doing my research, the gun may have been made in the late 1800's by what appears to be " L. Brun(r) , Braunschweig" when I google this, it comes up with ' G.L. Rasch Bruanschweig' which has a very extensive and exciting history. Can any of you take a look at these photos and tell me if this is something of value or not? thanks Chuck B20150131_181938_resized_1.jpg20150131_181954_resized_1.jpg20150131_182102_resized_2.jpg20150131_182209_resized.jpg20150131_182312_resized.jpg please let me know any thoughts

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