Our Schuetzen friends in Germany are arranging the scanning of the German sporting arms magazine for gunsmiths "Der Waffenschmied" from the years 1881-1890 and 1907-1944. These are to be put on CD/DVDs. The cost of this is to be shared equally by the subscribers. Right now, it is about 135 Euros but will drop if more participate.

It is important to point out that the pages, about 13,000, are in German but with many patent drawings and illustrations. The sets will be registered to the owner who must agree to not copy, allow to be copied, or use for any commercial purpose. When the project closes, the payment must be made promptly. They prefer to have the transfer to a German account but a credit card can be used.

The project is soon closing--probably in the next ten days. If you are interested, you can call the GGCA office at 435-979-9723 or email to sales@germanguns.com