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Thread: mauser 1914 "pocket pistol"

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    mauser 1914 "pocket pistol"

    Hi; I know its not a hunting gun, but it IS german and its old. A friend gave me a Mauser 1914 pistol (.32 ACP) in a box. I have no experience with it. In fact, I don't consider myself a "pistol person". Anyway, I finally got it put together, minus a couple of missing springs (which I have located and are on the way), plus it didn't have a handgrip ( which I have made from a piece of leftover walnut from a shotgun stock project). Well, I am very impressed with the quality of craftmanship on all the parts, the way it looks, and the way it feels in my hand. I love it! The power of .32 ACP ( excuse me, 7.65mm) ammo is not too impressive but I don't care...I can't wait to shoot it. Does anyone out ther have any experience with these little pistols and can tell me what to expect?

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    They're fun little pistols and very accurate. The primary reason for the later, in my opinion, is two fold. First, they are well made like everything else Mauser produced but the very important second is they have a very smooth trigger pull. Grips for these little gems show up on eBay,, and other auction sites every once in a while.


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    3 good sources for original grips, magazines and parts for pre-1945 German automatic pistols:
    1/ Tom Heller....
    2/ Jim Shaffer, 412-672-6830, no email, 11-7pm E.S.T.
    3/ Phil Saccacio, 540-456-6405, no email, Mon-Thur. 9-7pm
    Good luck! JIM

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    Well, I got the springs (trigger and safety), installed them, and shot a couple of clips....SWEEET! The target was about 25 yards away (a small rock) and if it had been a rabbit, it would have been in trouble! The gun is very accurate, doesn't jump much, and cycles smooth...with one glitch; the last round out of the clip jams each time. It turns too vertical and doesn't enter the chamber. Any clues? Is this a common semi-auto problem? All the other rounds cycle slick as butter. I'll get it worked out but wondered if any of you might know the reason why. I think it's going to be my favorite CCW piece.

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