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Getting Ready to Load 8 X 57JR
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Thread: Getting Ready to Load 8 X 57JR

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    Getting Ready to Load 8 X 57JR

    Besides the correct powder and primers are these 3 items correct for reloading the 8X57 JR ammo?
    8MMx57 MAUSER FL die set

    Bullets .318 diameter- any exceptions ?


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    Together with the 8mm Mauser FL die set, you will need a shell holder for the rimmed case( depending upon manufacturer,they may come with shell holder for rimless case,look ahead and get both).The standard dies will come with an expander button for .323" bullets, when I load IR or I ammo, I just remove the whole expander stem.I have the wherewithal to deprime and bell the cases seperately. If you don't, then you might need an expander for .318" bullets( would be about .316" dia).
    For bullets, the .318" will be OK, but you may be able to use other diameters.If a .323" 8mm bullet or a .321" 32 Win.Spec. bullet will easily enter the neck of a fired/unsized case, you should be able to use it.
    For cases, Norma cases will be fine, as would S&B, or RWS in 8x57R/7x57R/6.5X57R/ 7x65R/9.3x74R, with appropriate case forming/trimming.Modern cases from all these manufacturers are now boxer primed. Of course older berdan primed cases can be used; berdan primers are a little harder to find than before.
    I find medium burning powders such as 4895,4320,3031,N203, etc usually give good results. You should try to more or less duplicate factory velocity, subject to results on target.
    Good luck,enjoy,

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    Thanks for all of your help!

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    I bought a Lee Crimp Die which solved the problem. I have made expander dies out of 1/2" bolts, but this was easier.

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