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Thread: Three German Guns ?

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    Three German Guns ?

    I would like to start by saying thank you for accepting my registration.
    My name is John and I live in Maine,USA. I am 65 years old and have admired fine firearms my whole life. My father and one of my brothers were both licensed gunsmiths. I am the youngest of nine, four brothers and four sisters. My oldest brother Paul was a reconnaissance pilot in WWII. While there Paul married a beautiful German girl, and she still lives today.

    Thru the years I have acquired some fine firearms, three of them I believe are of German origin.
    (1) Drelling I believe was built late 1800's early 1900's. This gun has Remo stamped on the top of the barrel stay between the barrels.
    Shotgun chambered in 16/16 ga., rifle barrel in 9.3X72.
    Side locks, fully engraved, claw mnts.. Under trigger guard barrel release,dbl triggers.

    (2) Drelling I believe was built in the same era. This gun has ( A. Freiberger, Augsburg ) stamped on top of the barrel stay between the barrels.
    Shotgun chambered in 16/16 ga., rifle in 9.3X72.
    Side locks, fully engraved no claw mnts.. Under trigger guard barrel release, dbl triggers.

    (3) Single shot rifle, octagon barrel, flat spooned engraved bolt. Set trigger. Some engraving on receiver, receiver has octagon flats that match the barrel with matching hash marks. Rear sight has one additional fold up "V" notch. The barrel is stayed with one flat push pin thru brass inserts in the stock.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated in trying to identify these fine guns.

    Thank You,


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    To tell you very much about your guns, will require you to post clear photos of the guns and all the markings(including proof marks). "Remo"is the "house brand mark" for Gebrueder Rempt (Rempt Brothers),which made various hunting guns in a wide range of prices. Your sidelock drilling is not likely to be one of the lower priced ones.The A.Freiberger,Augsburg drilling was likely made by someone in Suhl (possibly Zella Mehlis) and marketed by Freiberger. Your description of the single shot rifle seems to be of a class of rifles often called "stalking rifles", but photos should make its use clear. To determine the caliber of this rifle, it will more than likely be necessary for you to "slug" the barrel and either make, or have made, a casting of the chamber.Rifles made before early 1893 were not marked as to caliber, and between then and 1912 were only marked as to bore diameter expressed as ga.
    I hope you find this of some help. More information can be provided if you post the photos.

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