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Thread: "SAXONY"-stamped Charles Daly hammerless gun

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    The best I can tell it reads:

    W Silver & CO
    Corn hill London

    I did locate a company called SW Silver & CO. On the Internet from the same time period that dealt in a wide collection of fire arm accessories, fire arms,belt buckles, military supplies, tents, rubber, and so on. Not sure if this was a repair, or upgrade of some kind or if the company was somehow a supplier of this style of parts to Charles Daly Shotguns.
    I believe this must be the appropriate company and the "S" was cut off as it was fitted to the gun.

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    However based on the extra set of holes in the wooden stock I have to assume this was a repair.

    Are you familiar with what value is estimated on a piece like this?

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    What is stamped atop the top rib? What is the tube type & length & condition of inside of tubes? Is there an APUN stamped between the strikers on the standing breech?

    On the LE, I have not found such a mechanic but I would think the first name of L would have about 3 variations:


    And the last name of E a few more:


    I would guess that Ebert & Endter would have a higher probability but who knows. So any combination is possible until some LE mechanic is found. Like many of the other subcontractors, I would guess that the mechanic LE hung out his shingle about the same time as H.A. Lindner and may have attended classes with H.A. Lindner at some point.

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    Thank you for your consideration

    The rib reads:
    Charles Daly Extra Fine Damascus Barrels Diamond Quality

    It is 12 gauge 3 inch with a 30 inch barrel. Inside the tubes are shiny and clean with no visible pitting.

    There is no APUN or any other text that I can find.

    The action is very tight and it shoots like a dream. ( I know I shouldn't shoot it but I had to try it.).

    I bought the gun from a friend of my father in law that used it as his bird gun, he was in his 80s and shot it regularly.

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